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October 30, 2008



It's pretty sad when the best thing you bought at aforementioned store is the $1.99 HUGE bag they sell at the register on the way out. darn, I wish I had bought more. (Seeing as Kristen grabbed the pretty one..lol). Maybe next visit, we can pick up more bags. (I will bring nose plugs for Kristen)


My comment got lost (boo hoo) So, hopefully I'm not repeating myself. The best thing about Ikea was stopping on the way OUT to take a picture of it. The 2nd best thing was the HUGE bags they sold for only $1.99 at the registers. These alone might be worth a trip back. (UNless they're in the catalog)

Miss Iowa

Well I'm a lot older than you and I've never been in an Ikea. And it's so funny that you should mention Swedish Fish. Those are one of Stampngokaren's favorite candies, and I had never heard of them or seen them until I was at my Staples last week. I bought her a bag of red ones, her favorite.


I'm glad to know I am not missing anything. We don't have an Ikea here. Could you go check out the container store and let me know how you like it? The nearest one to me is one state over so before I fire up the family truckster I want to know if its worth the drive.


I've never been to an Ikea either. Sorry it was disappointing.

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