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October 19, 2007



I've missed you Kristen!!!!
And YES there MUST be CAKE!!!! (can you tell I love cake?)
Hope you have a good weekend!

Miss Iowa

Well heck yes there has to be a cake! Who are these communists telling you there doesn't have to be a cake??? They should be taken out back and shot. TWICE!

Joanne (jor)

WE have all missed you on SCS. Your baby shower invites are ADORABLE. Me thinks me need a cuttlebug . . . .


Being one of those "Communists" who says a cake at this baby shower is not necessary, I felt obliged to give my point of view. (I'm trying to type quickly, as there is a loud pounding at my back door, and 50 men yelling "Open Up" in loud graveley voices-Yikes!). This shower is a brunch, being held at 11am. Bagels, muffins, Danish, juice, waffles, omelets, etc.. But no cake! (Way too early for it).. That's it in a nutshell.. Now I have to go leave and deal with the mob ouside. :)

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